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Helios 700W

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The Helios 700W moving head is optimized for the challenging operation at concerts and events. Reduced weight and size compared to its competitors enhance the usability and reduce the maintenance time. With its military grade wireless connection and smart network communication every light engineer team will save hours during the build up. Getting rid of all cabling besides power minimizes the risk of mistakes. Every interaction area is highlighted with colour and the transportation lock is clearly indicated with colour and shape shifting.

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During my research phase i attended two major events in Germany to support the Light engineers. I gained deep insights in their process and learned what restrained the usability of the products. With first hand experience I quickly discovered which issue had the most impact on their timing and therefor cost. In their storage rooms i was able to deconstruct a competitor product and understand the technology behind.

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To draw the logical conclusion of my research phase it was necessary to divide the findings and organize my process. Each segment held huge potential to innovate technical and ergonomic concepts. A collection of promising concepts were consolidated to a technical package including real measurement of all components. Having the realistic dimensions helped me to define a design language and create the product appearance.

Place of origin: Bergische Universität Wuppertal