Christian Stapelbroek

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Research & Conclusion
At the beginning of my human centred process the results are generative, to quickly inspire imagination and gain empathy for the people and environment I am designing for. I evaluate relevant technologies, trends and the market to develop an inspiring fundament. Questioning habits, routines and technology to develop new ideas. In later stages the results will be processed and evaluated to gain deep insights of challenges and opportunities. Building a foundation of knowledge to obtain arguments for validation of ideas and a following strategic development.
Analysis & Strategy
The synthesis of the Research & Conclusion phase brings inspiration to ideas and user scenarios to strategic directions. Transforming valuable information and insights into concrete strategic planning. Questioning and locating the brand position in the current market to unveil potential and opportunities. Analysis of its target group and its product portfolio to sharpen the brand identity, values and promise. Creating a strategic roadmap to define future product development and services that will shape the brand.
Ideation & Innovation
In this phase strategic planning will get more visual. Turning the strategic framework and deep analysis into tangible solutions requires a holistic approach. Industrial Design as my core expertise is embedded in a variety of skills to improve the user experience across various touchpoints. Based on technology research, mockups and prototypes I create innovative solutions. Following the brand analysis and visual language I develop key design elements and visual statement using creative design methods. Sketching user scenarios to quickly illustrate the customer interaction and usability of the concept.
Creation & Evaluation
The Creation & Evaluation phase synchronises all creative efforts into tangible products and services. Creating photorealistic renderings, animations and prototypes to augment realistic conditions helps to refine the overall experience. Defining the Colour, Material and Finish of all components brings an additional level of evaluation. This phase has the opportunity to test and evaluate the visual appearance, usability and interaction of a product or service to receive valuable data for last refinements.
Evolution & Implementation
To maintain the high design standards until market release it is absolutely necessary to guide and support during the implementation phase. Knowledge about manufacturing processes, materials and cost are mandatory to refine the tooling data. A close and vivid collaboration between designer, engineer and manufacturer assures the success of the product or service along its lifetime. Design is for real life conditions and all efforts must have the goal for realisation.